Monday, December 10, 2007

Rails to Trails

There is an article in the Times-News today talking about turning the Norfolk and Southern track that runs from Hendersonville to Brevard into a trail instead of being used for train transportation. Full article:
The article talks about other tracks that were converted and the steps it will take to do this with this track. I have heard of this effort for the last couple of years almost ever since Ecusta Plant closed, ending the need for the active line. This track basically runs along US 64. What a great asset this would make to both Brevard and Hendersonville. There is no safe way to bike from one city to the other; and since part of this would be along the French Broad River the views would be great. According to the article some adjacent property owners have fears that bringing people to your back yard could be dangerous. They fear that with the people traffic there could be property theft. According to the article, other trails where personal property owners are adjacent they talk about this issue and the fact is there was no substantial increase in theft. Click on the link above to read the full article and let me know what you think. As always feel free to go to to view and search listing for the entire Western North Carolina Real Estate area.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

As the year winds down I thought I would share some thoughts about Western North Carolina Real Estate. In particular Henderson County. The land transfer tax was soundly beaten by a 3-1 margin. The County Commissioners are placing the results at the Realtor community because there was a campaign to to have this tax voted down which was in part financed with Realtor donations among many other opponents.

The market as a whole this year is declining. Not like the national averages but it has slowed down. The last I heard was that we were down about 5% over the last year. The predictions are it is going to stay slow for another year. I tend to agree. With a large portion of our buyers coming from other areas, (most of the areas are far worse off then us), until these buyers are able to sell their homes they can't buy here. So, sellers the trick is to price your home less then what a market analysis shows. Since the market is slow you want to give yourself the best opportunity to sell.

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