Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday I received an interesting email from Michael Arrowood about the Rails to Trails post. In his email he told me about an opposition group called Henderson-Transylvania County Railroad Right of Way property Owners Association. In their statement they talk about property owners losing portions of their land (the portion in the Railroad Right of Way). They also talk about loss of privacy and maybe even vandalism of their property. My personal view of the Rails to Trails concept is favorable especially in this wonderful area we live in. As a Real Estate Professional I also believe adjoining properties to the rails would increase in value as opposed to having an active track. In this particular track as Mr. Arrowood points out this Right of Way was formed in 1891. How many of you want an active line again? One of Brevard officials problem with turning the track over is that they don't want to loose an option for future business. The use of the track in the past was limited to one train traveling back & forth from Hendersonville to Brevard at about 10:00am & 3:00pm. How many of the adjoining property owners would want that doubled or more in the future. I am not saying that would happen but who knows! I haven't heard anything new about this since I read the newspaper article in April. Has anyone else? I would love to keep the dialog moving!